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    ส ครับ ผิว วัต สัน รีวิว


    Brand New, Luxury Brick Carriage Homes – Now Open in Doylestown

    Doylestown, PA – A brand new home munity by McGrath Homes is now open in Doylestown, PA. Silver Maple Farm is an exclusive enclave of luxury brick carriage homes for buyers of all ages. It is conveniently located on Lower State Road – just minutes from downtown Doylestown borough and located on a private cul-de-sac. Pre-construction pricing starts from the mid $500s with special incentives for those purchasing prior to model pletion.

    Designed for maximum luxury and minimum maintenance, Silver Maple Farm provides professional landscaping and lawn care, as well as snow removal, exterior painting, and roof replacement for all residents. All homes include full basement, gas firelace, three bedrooms, two and half baths, 2-car garages, granite countertops, and hardwood flooring in the breakfast room, kitchen, foyer, and powder room. With two floorplans to choose from, residents at Silver Maple Farm can enjoy two-story gathering rooms, formal living and dining rooms, gourmet kitchens, oversized owner’s suites with soaking tubs and separate shower. Options include walkout basments with decks, fourth bedrooms, first level owner’s suite, and private elevators.

    Silver Maple Farm’s appeal is furthered by its ideal location to downtown Doylestown borough, and just a short drive to Montgomery Mall, Willow Grove Mall, and historic downtown New Hope and Lambertville. Doylestown is also home to historic sites, museums, theatres, local shoppes, parks, art galleries, and fine dining. There is also direct munity access to Doylestown’s 16-mile "Bike & Hike System" of pleted trails and sidepaths through the borough, for both bicyclists and pedestrians.

    Silver Maple Farm is conveniently located on Lower State Road in Doylestown Bucks County, Pa. It is minutes from the local train station and major access roads such as Route 202, Route 611, and the PA Turnpike. The sales center is open from 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. everyday. Please call 215-348-1012 for additional information or directions.

    McGrath Homes is based in Bucks County and is one of eastern Pennsylvania's most respected residential and mercial developers and builders specializing in the design and development of award winning, lifestyle munities.

    Silver Maple Farm, an exclusive enclave of luxury carriage homes, offers a carefree lifestyle for all ages in desirable Doylestown, Bucks County. Please call 215-348-1012 for information.


    Keep up-to-date on new construction and munity updates! Register Now

    Our Mission

    To bine innovative design with imaginative and responsible use of open space for both residential munities and mercial projects.

    To offer a vision for the 21st Century by anticipating the needs and desires of our homebuyers' changing lifestyles.

    To create homes of lasting beauty and value in enduring, attractive munities.

    To provide an enjoyable, rewarding home buying process and atmosphere for each of our homebuyers.

    To earn the respect and loyalty of our home buyers while continuing to provide excellent quality and service.

    Best of Bucks County Builder 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010

    McGrath Homes teamed Up with "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" to build a new home for one deserving family in Levittown, PA.

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